Bar de Halcyon

Bar de Halcyon – 3.5/5

San Sebastián is one of my favourite cities to visit. Small cobbled laneways packed to the brim with people stopping into their favourite pintxo bars. So when I heard about Halcyon, I was keen to see if they could help me relive my Spanish experience in Perth.

Halcyon is located in Wolf Lane. It is a two level bar, boasting a pretty spiffy fit out. We loved the tables and outlook upstairs. The pintxos are self-serve style at the bar (the hot food sits under a warmer) and you can pay by collecting the different toothpicks spiked in each item at the end of your meal. As it wasn’t an overly busy night on our visit, our hot food had been sitting out for a while and was a little unappetizing when we ate it. There were no fresh/cold choices when we visited either so we were left a little disappointed with the choice. We tried a great Pinot Noir, however, and Brooklyn Lager is available.

I’d be interested in visiting again on a busy night, as I would hope the food options would be greater and fresher with the higher turnover. Fingers crossed there are more ‘things on bread’ options!

Wolf Lane, Perth

Bar de Halcyon on Urbanspoon

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