Sayers Sister

Sayers Sister – 4/5

Sayers Sister on Lake Street in Northbridge shares many of the great traits of the original Sayers in Leederville. An interesting menu, generous and inviting plating, friendly service and a warm atmosphere.

Our Sunday morning visit was met with a short wait, however, thankfully not as long as the lines encountered in Leederville, at times! We had the sweetcorn croquettes with pepperonata, poached eggs, spinach and rocket; the bacon, tomato, avocado and pesto bruschetta with poached egg; the potato rosti with bacon, poached eggs and rocket (pictured) and the bubble and squeak cake with smoked spec, poached eggs and hollandaise.

All of our poached eggs were perfectly runny. And a tip for those who like pork for breakfast (e.g. me); the smoked spec is more like a huge steak of pork!

The wonderfully fitted out Sayers Sister is counter service.


236 Lake Street, Northbridge

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  1. Found you! Hello Chi (promise not to get you mixed up this time!). Love Sayers Sister. Such an awesome little place; despite the wait for a table on most weekends, I do find that the food is always quick and delicious! Like you mentioned, that smoked speck is HUGE. I haven’t demolished the whole thing myself before, but a friend of mine ordered it and was overwhelmed by the fact that he pretty much had a ginormous slab of bacon all to himself. Haha.

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