Bib & Tucker

Bib & Tucker – 4/5

We have a habit of getting to Bib and Tucker at around 11.30 on the weekends. A little hint to all those who enjoy a good sleep in – their kitchen closes in between breakfast and lunch, please learn from our hungry mistakes.

On a rare energetic Sunday morning, we made it to breakfast service after a visit to beautiful Leighton Beach. After a ten minute wait, we were seated on the comfy couches on the front terrace – the views are lovely.


Alongside a huge iced coffee, we had the smashed avocado on corn bread with feta, quinoa, rocket and cherry tomatoes (we also added some ocean trout) and the pulled pork and royal blue croquettes with creamed corn, poached eggs and spinach. The avocado dish was a very fancy version of one of our breakfast favourites. The corn bread was very filling.


And we loved the croquettes! I had misread the menu and assumed that blue cheese would be in my croquettes – not royal blue potatoes. I was a little disappointed, until I tasted the spicy pork and delicious corn. A dish I’d definitely order again.

Bib & Tucker is open for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


18 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle

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