Old Faithful Bar & BBQ

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ – Newly Opened

Eating with your hands is encouraged at King Street’s new bar and BBQ restaurant, Old Faithful. And we jumped in hands first just a few days after soft opening. The venue is currently still ironing out a few things (including no deep fryer yet when we visited), however their bar is fully stocked and the BBQ meat is plentiful.

Pictured are all of the components of the Rushmore platter in one, albeit optimistic, bite sized mound. Serving 1-2 people, it boasted chopped pig, beef brisket, sliced bread, shaved onion, coleslaw, potato salad and saucy burnt end beans – all served up on a metal tray. We didn’t fall head over heels for our BBQed meats, however, we are keen to return in a few weeks once they are a little more established.


Old Faithful is counter service and full of very friendly staff. Swan Valley’s Feral Brewery beers are available on tap.

86 King Street, Perth

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